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Rwanda Gorilla Tour
Rwanda Gorilla Tour

Rwanda Gorilla Tours - Uganda, Congo Gorilla Tour Packages , Wildlife Safaris, Cultural Trips and Primates Tracking Adventures.

Rwanda Gorilla Tours and Safaris rank among the top lifetime safari adventures, one can take while in Africa. Africa Adventure Safaris, one of the premier and leading adventure tours companies offers visitors interested in seeing the rare mountain gorillas, a chance to visit and track the rare mountain gorillas in Africa. We offer different Gorilla Tracking and Primates Watching Tours with in Rwanda, Uganda, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our gorilla tours include both short and long gorilla treks as well as gorilla trips combined with other adventure activities that include bird watching, mountain climbing, chimpanzee tracking and wildlife jungle safaris through out Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We are dedicated to offering exceptional services catering for all interests i.e solo, families and group tours. Create your own plans with the guidance of our Africa Adventure travel specialists or join a group tour with a set itinerary. Happily, the choices are all yours.


Below are the top selling Rwanda Trips and Gorilla Tours. These tours cater for various interests such as game viewing, chimpanzee tracking, cultural tours and other adventures in Rwanda.

Gorilla-tracking-rwandaThis is a short excursion for magical experience of gorilla tracking in Rwanda. Upon arrival, you will drive direct to Volcanoes National Park; the home of Gorillas. The 2nd day will be for Gorilla trekking Adventure coupled with excellent bird watching and primates tracking along the trek in search for gorillas, and there after depart for Kigali.
Birding-RwandaThis safari offers a great opportunity to explore the treasures of Rwanda hidden in Akagera National Park. It includes a half day game drive in the park in search for Lion, Elephants, buffalos, lion, Masai giraffe, Leopard and so on, and also a boat trip on lake Ihema for water animals like Hippos, Crocodiles and over 525 bird species.
rwanda-gorilla-adventureParc National des Volcans is home to half of the world’s total population of the endangered Mountain Gorillas, primates and mammals like forest elephants and Buffaloes as well as about 300 bird species. This is the ultimate gorilla safari destination in Africa.
Nyungwe-primatesThese are 4 days of extraordinary lifetime events of Gorilla tracking in Virunga Volcanoes Gorilla park and Primates tracking in Nyungwe forest; famous for large troops of Colobus Monkey, that goes up to 400-500 individuals and 350 bird species that make it a “Birders’ Paradise”.
wildlife-safari-rwandaThis Rwanda trip offers the opportunity to take big Five game drives in Akagera National Park, track the gentle Giants (Gorillas) in Volcanoes National park, visit Dian Fossey Memorial Site, excellent bird watching, cultural excursions and Nature walks through unspoilt wildlife areas of Rwanda.
Primates-trackingThis safari gives you a privilege of gorilla tracking in Parc National des Volcans, big primates trekking and excellent bird watching in Nyungwe Forest; a home to 13 primate species and 350 birds. Expect visits to cultural sites in Butare, like the National Museums.
Nyungwe-primates-tourThe 6 Day Rwanda primates, cultural Tour takes you to Rwanda’s beautiful stunning views of volcanoes, plains, swamps, rain forests, and friendly local people and unique cultures, all make Rwanda the ultimate safari destination in Africa.
game-drive-akageraThis safari gives you the opportunity to enjoy game drives in Akagera National Park, trekking gorilla twice in Volcanoes National park, excellent bird watching and cultural Excursions. This Safari takes to the untamed wildlife areas of Rwanda for real African wildlife experience.
Uganda-Rwanda-Gorilla-TourThis safari enables you explore the 2 best Gorilla safari destinations in Africa. Expect Excellent bird watching, gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, primates trekking, game drive, Cultural excursions, Boat trip, city tours in Kigali and Kampala etc
rwanda-cultural-toursRwanda is the favorite destination to be for most adventure, culture and wildlife love travelers. The 8 Days Culture, Gorilla and wildlife Tour gives you a great opportunity for Gorilla tracking, primates walk and cultural adventures to interact with different people.
Cultural-toursThis safari starts and ends in Kigali. It leads you to un-spoilt wildlife destinations of Rwanda. The major activities include City tours in Butare and Kigali, Game drives, primate trekking Excursions, Gorilla Tracking adventures, Day hikes to Dian Fossey’s Tombs and Cultural tours among others.
hippos-kazinga-chanelThis safari starts in Kigali (Rwanda) and ends in Kampala (Uganda), with two great opportunities to track the critically endangered mountain gorillas, Excellent birding, primate trekking, boat trips, Cultural Excursions, City tours and big game drives among others.
Kenya-lionsEast Africa is the Ultimate Safari Destination in Africa. This tour package leads you to the best un-spoilt wildlife destinations in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The tour starts in Nairobi Kenya, proceed to Uganda-Kampala and ends in Kigali Rwanda. You will trek gorillas twice, game drives, birding, boat trips, cultural visits & city tours in Nairobi, Kampala and Kigali.
birding-in-ugandaThis safari starts in Rwanda and ends in Uganda, the best two gorilla tour destinations in Africa. Participants will explore all un-spoilt wildlife areas of the 2 countries. Expect activities like Gorilla Tracking in Uganda & Rwanda, Big game drives, Tree-Lion spoting, Cultural Tours, Excellent Bird watching, Launch cruise on the Kazinga Channel, city tours and many more.